In preparation for the opening of our bakery, we are temporarily pausing orders for the coming period. We are buzzing about to get the bakery up and running as speedily as we can so we can get back to baking for you! Thank you for your tremendous support. We are grateful to be in such a wonderful community. We will communicate updates through our Newsletter, on Instagram and Facebook, and will update the website as well. If you have any questions, please email or call. Thank you!!


Chocolate Chip Cookies (bag of 4)

Chocolate Chip Cookies (bag of 4)


Kicking off my life-long love of baking when I was still in grade school this is the dessert that started it all!  After years of experimentation, and with a classic French twist, I've perfected the recipe—and the result is a classical chocolate chip cookie that you won’t soon forget.  Comes in a beautifully packaged clear bag of 4.

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