In preparation for the opening of our bakery, we are temporarily pausing orders for the coming period. We are buzzing about to get the bakery up and running as speedily as we can so we can get back to baking for you! Thank you for your tremendous support. We are grateful to be in such a wonderful community. We will communicate updates through our Newsletter, on Instagram and Facebook, and will update the website as well. If you have any questions, please email or call. Thank you!!


Weekly Special: Green Olive and Lemon Zest Fougasse

Weekly Special: Green Olive and Lemon Zest Fougasse


One of our favorite New York restaurants was a little French-Moroccan cafe right on our street that served a starter of fresh olives with orange zest.  We've been intrigued by the combination of olives and citrus ever since, and we thought a spin on that pairing would make a great addition to one of our most popular breads: the fougasse!  This week's lemon zest and green olive fougasse is a larger version of our traditional fougasse, loaded with green olives and flavored with a hint of lemon zest, all baked into our soft crumb fougasse, then brushed with a light coating of extra virgin olive oil and dusted with a few flakes of sea salt.  This bread is delicious stand-alone, with feta cheese, or if you're feeling ambitious, alongside a Moroccan couscous!

Available for pick up on Wednesday, April 11 or Friday, April 13. 

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